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Why Vehicle Scrapping Is Essential For A Country Like India?

Scrapping Older And Polluting Vehicle

India is ranked as the 5th largest economy in the world. India has become the most populous country in the 21st century surpassing China. With the increasing population, the demand for vehicles has been on the rise. We have been ranked in the list of most polluted countries in the world.

It has been found that India has the largest number of older vehicles in the world. It is estimated that according to the Centre For Science And Environment there are about 37 million vehicles that have been in usage for more than 15 years. which is expected to increase to 50 million by 2025, if no action is taken.

Why Is Vehicle Scrapping Essential In India?

Vehicle scrapping is  necessary for developing countries like India, to protect the environment and the people. This discussion makes you familiar as to why scrapping older vehicles is essential in a populous country like India.

Improving Air Quality:

Vehicle emissions are a significant contributor to the air pollution of the country. When we consider the old vehicles, the emissions are even higher making the air unbreathable. Thus, it is very essential to scrap older and polluting vehicles in a country like India, to promote a clean environment.

Improve Road Safety:

India recorded the increase in road accidents compared to previous years, causing an alarm. Older vehicles are definitely a cause for concern as they are more prone to accidents with frequent breakdowns and outdated technology. It is our responsibility to decrease the percentage of road accidents by scrapping our redundant vehicles.

Stimulate Demand For New Vehicles:

Vehicle scrapping is also essential to stimulate demand for new vehicles. This creates room for job creation and economic growth. It is needed to scrap our older vehicles to boost the automotive industry. It is significant to scrap our old vehicles for a greener and better India.

Promotes Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Modes of Transportation:

India requires vehicle scrapping to promote sustainable modes of transportation. This reduces the dependence on fossil fuels, leading to the creation of a sustainable India. Vehicle scrapping helps to promote greener modes of transportation.

To Make India Self-Reliant:

It is essential for India to make itself self-reliant. Vehicle scrapping allows us to recycle the valuable material and reuse them for various purposes, reducing the dependence on other countries. Excessive dependence on other countries for raw material hinders our development process. Thus vehicle scrapping is essential in a country like India to promote independence and self-reliance.

Promoting Atma Nirbhar Bharat:

Atma Nirbhar Bharat promotes Make In India campaign. It means production of raw materials in our country itself. This reduces the dependence on imports.

Promoting Resource Conservation:

Vehicle scrapping reintroduces the resources into the cycle of manufacturing. With this, we are able to conserve the resources and also reduce the dependence on imports. Less dependence on imports in turn reduces the Balance of Payments of India (Cost of exports minus imports).

What Happens If Vehicle Scrapping Is Neglected?

  1. The first and major problem that comes up is land encroachment by landfills and parking spaces, reducing the availability of land for other developmental purposes.

  2. The level of pollution increases in the atmosphere, making the air unbreathable.

  3. The water and soil pollution is accentuated, if vehicle scrapping is neglected.

  4. The concentration of greenhouse gases has increased making our country even hotter.

  5. The irresponsible usage of raw materials leads to depletion of natural resources in our country.

Summing Up:

For a populous country like India, it is essential to get rid of old vehicles to create room for newer vehicles. To enable the huge population of India to breathe clean air, older and polluting vehicles should be scrapped. Vehicle scrapping is of paramount importance to promote biodiversity conservation, ecosystem restoration, conserve valuable natural resources and reduce air, water and soil pollution.


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